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Baccarat & Blackjack Card Counting: All Secrets Revealed

Published on 5th June 2019

Baccarat is one of the few games in the casino that is not all about chance. Unlike most other games, you can use effective strategies to be successfully beat the dealer. Card counting is among the widely-known principles applied to reduce the house edge. In spite of its prohibition in many brick and mortar casinos, it can certainly help the players to boost their winnings in the long run. Become a pro baccarat player and inform yourself of the basic techniques of card counting through this article. 

What Precisely Is Card Counting?
The card counting is the strategy applied in a baccarat game in which the players count all cards to infer the remaining cards and bet correspondingly. The gamblers are able to bet more if they notice that the next hand will be on their favour and bet less if it will be on the dealer. This system permits the players to minimize their losses and increase their chance of winning. 

You can also apply this tactic in the live casino version as you really see the number of the card in the deck. Unfortunately, this technique doesn't work if you play baccarat online because they are generated by the Random Number Generator (RNG) meaning the decks are randomly re-shuffled after every hand.
The Process of Counting Cards

First of all, remember that the blackjack and baccarat aims to beat the dealer when you have to hit a hand close to 21 but without going over it. The player who uses this principle should have a strong memory and patience to be a perfect card counting. The system is not complicated since you just follow the cards that are dealt on the table. 

In fact, it varies and depends on the number of the deck utilized in the game. In each round, the left cards permit the players to determine the value of the cards that remain to be dealt. So when you arrived to define the correct count, you will surely leave the game with a fortune. Actually, if you notice that there are many cards left in the table like four and five, avoid betting higher. 

The reason is simple, in the table game rules; the low card values are not profitable. Nonetheless, you gain profit with more number of high cards (aces till ten-valued cards) in the deck. Hence, the more of the high cards are in the deck, the higher your advantage will be.
Big Player Team

The first Big Player team appeared in 1971 when the great gambler Al Francesco started to applied different counting techniques. One of them is the popular Revere Advanced Point Count (RAPC) tactic invented by Lawrence Revere. Then, Ken Uston was the first to write and publish a book about the strategy of blackjack card counting called the Big Player Team. 

In this system, the Spotters have to play for a small bet. If there are higher than lower cards in play, they inform the big player by using a discreet signal to join the game. This high-roller would place the maximum bet and when the second Spotters indicate that the count is no longer positive, they again signal the big player to leave the table.
Legendary Card Counters

Probably, the most well-known counter card that has never existed is the MIT Blackjack Team. This crew is managed by Bill Kaplan and most of them are students from Harvard University. According to the story, they made millions in the 1980s by using more advanced card counting techniques. Another notorious cheating team is the Tran Organization founded in 2002. Their victims are the casinos around the USA because not only were they perfect counting card cheaters but they could also determine the croupier’s card face down. This organization was charged to be guilty as illegal in 2009.